What is Zionism?


Zionism.  This were efforts made by


thousands of Jews which were both religious and political who were oriented to bring the thousands of Jews in the world to their place of origin in the middle east and made Israel to be their homeland for all Jews. Most people deem Zionism as an ideology that is discriminative and very violent.Zionism inspiration is dated back after a long time of slavery in Babylon around 2500 years ago. The main thing was to maintain the idea of active movement that would enable them to meet the Jewish needs and raise their spirits for liberation.


Zionism also is based on the connection between the homeland and the jews in almost 4000 years ago when Abraham settled in Canaan then Israel. ┬áDuring the 16th – 17th century different people pretending to be the Messiah came to plead with the Jewish to return to Palestine but Haskalah which was an enlightenment of the Jews urged them to abandon the idea and instead they should start practicing the Western culture despite the Christian Millenarians supporting the move to get back to Palestine, Eastern European Jews formed Lovers of Zion that encourage Jewish farmers and artisans to go back to Palestine.Theodor Herzl who was from Austria convened the first Zionist movement in Basel Switzerland that brought about the Basel program that aimed to create a home in Palestine which was in accordance to the rule of the land.


The center of the movement was established at Vienna. They held congresses annually until 1901 where it changed to be every two years. Britain assisted Herzl in the request of automating the jews to Palestine despite Ottoman being against it.In the year 1904 Herzl died making leadership to shift from Vienna to Cologne and later ended in Berlin.


In 1917, the Balfour Declaration was made in Great Britain which was meant to support Jewish National Home in Palestine where they later built settlements and learned how to treat lyme disease. and by 1925 population loss from 108000 to 238000 but this lowered during Adolf Hitler times who was against the Britain policies regarding the Jews during the Arab uprising that felt the Jews were becoming too much.